DrupalCamp Colorado Trainings

DrupalCamp Colorado has lined up some great trainings for a full-day Training Day on Friday, August 1st, starting at 9 AM. These classes offer a good value for those wanting a bootcamp into Drupal.

To register for a class, click on the class name to get a full description of the class, and then click the "Add to Cart" button at the top of the class description. Remember to register for only one class as they all run at the same time.

Please note, that registering for a class does not automatically register you for the camp, August 2nd and 3rd. Register here for the weekend camp.

We are excited to offer the following classes:

  1. Beginners Guide to Drupal - offered by OSTraining. The cost of this class is $150 for a full day of training.
  2. Site Building and More - A BuildAModule Mentored Training. This is a self paced, online mentored training class, with mentors in the room with you in case you get stuck. This class is $50 for a full day of training.

We look forward to seeing you.