The Association Board: Hows and Whys of Involvement

We all think we know what the Association does. It manages, it puts on events, it provides scholarships, and it supports infrastructure, right? But what exactly IS the Association? What happens behind the scenes? How can you get involved and why is it important?

Matthew Saunders wears many hats in the Drupal Community. He is VP of Project Management for Aten Design Group. He was one of the organizers for Drupalcon Denver. He volunteers his time to Drupalcamp Colorado. He is also a community elected member of the Drupal Association Board.

Different kinds of participation in the Drupal Project is essential for its survival, health, and growth. We need developers, project managers, and evangelists. We also need community board members. Perhaps you’d like to be a candidate in the next election and be a steward of the Association. Come find out why...

  • It is important to vote in our elections each year.
  • How can you meet the candidates before the election to find out who you should vote for.
  • How do you sort out if you are interested in being a candidate?
  • Find out what the election process is like.
  • How you can prepare for the election.
  • Find out how the Association is structured and how those structures provide stability to the Drupal Project as a whole.
  • What is involved in being a board member and what do the responsibilities typically look like.

Saunders has tons of non-profit experience on and off boards, with insights into what being a Drupal Association Board member means. We need diverse candidates from all over the world. Come to his session and learn about a different and critical way you can participate in the community that supports you whether it is simply voting or making that deeper dive as a potential board member.

Experience level: 
Business and Open Source