Building A Scalable Private VMware Based Drupal Cloud

Recital Hall

In 2013, University of Colorado Boulder Housing & Dining Services deployed a new virtual cluster built upon Apache, GlusterFS, Continuent Tungsten, and F5 LTM. Deploying a private cloud can be a complex process, but we hope our experience will help simply your deployment. This presentation is primarily targeted to groups already using VMware vCenter on a local environment or hosted service such as Rackspace managed virtualization.

During the presentation we will discuss:

  • Implementation considerations & strategies
  • Performance optimization
  • Problems encountered during deployment (and ways to avoid them)
  • VMware backup configuration considerations
  • F5 LTM configuration and iRules (we'll post the source) with SNI support
  • Collaboration needed between VMware systems administrators and Drupal cluster devops
Experience level: