ChatOps Makes Awesome Teams

Recital Hall

Culture is the most important ingredient in the DevOps movement, and we believe that ChatOps is the best way to build an awesome culture. Making your operations tools work with your chat room enables open communication and provides wonderful learning opportunities for all.

We will review practical ways to chat-enable your IT operations, including deployment, monitoring, log analysis, automation, on-call rotations, and real-time troubleshooting. While there are plenty of commercial solutions available in this space, we will focus on Drupal-friendly, open-source approaches.

This session will include technical tips and tricks for ChatOps tooling and automation, but will also include some high-level ideas about (and lessons learned from) the softer aspects of an open team chat room. We will share our experiences with privacy issues, information overload, incident handling, and conducting chat-based blameless postmortems.

Attendees will leave this talk with a clear approach to improving their DevOps culture.

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