Collaborative Content Management with Migrate

Concert Hall

As programmers we know to keep our code DRY and as Drupal developers we use tools like git to collaborate on a single codebase and easily track revisions. Keeping information in one place isn't just a best practice, it's fundamental to working on a team and knowing the current state of a project. When it comes time to be site builders, however, we sometimes lose track of these good practices and get overwhelmed with contradictory site maps, countless revisions of content docs, and scattered information about what actually goes into the content management systems we craft.

Throughout the life cycle of a typical Drupal project, content is subject to the most changes by the most people. Whether coming from a creative team, a copywriter or SEO expert, directly from the client or a combination of all of these it is non-trivial to keep track of the latest updates to page titles, paths, metadata and content.

Receiving notes in the form or Word doc revisions, quoted emails, chats or phone calls ensures that information will be lost as it changes hands and leaves developers confused and unsure how to proceed.

This session discusses a way to manage these problems using the Migrate module along with collaborative tools that can be used across teams (by non-developers) and some careful planning to connect the site's buildspec to the content that will populate it.

Experience level: 
Development and Site Building