DevOps 101 - Culture and Tools

Recital Hall

Working together as a collaborative team can produce better results, and break down barriers and finger pointing. But what does that really mean, and how do you make that happen in practice?

DevOps is the grand unification of philosophy and tools around how to manage Development (designers, themers, programmers, application analysts, application owners, project managers) and IT Operations (system admins, network admins, security, data center, storage, database admin) in a tightly-integrated way. This session will provide a fun-filled introduction to common aspects of DevOps culture and technology, complete with real-world examples of how it works and steps other organizations have taken to adopt DevOps methodology.

Specifically, we'll talk about:

+ How DevOps is different from traditional methodologies
+ What do commonly used DevOps tools like Puppet, Chef, Ansible, Salt, Jenkins, Git, Graphite, Icinga, and chat provide and how do they work together
+ How DevOps fits in with a Drupal environment, including approaches to multi-environment promotion and operations
+ The culture of DevOps. How to encourage cross-functional teamwork and avoid common cultural pitfalls
+ How to get a DevOps movement started in your organization

Join us for this entertaining and practical look into the DevOps world!

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