Drupal 7 Form API with Javascript, AJAX, and HTML5

Acquia Room (Class 103)

Are dynamic custom forms ruining your day? Do you find yourself staring helplessly at a wireframe, unsure how to change elements contextually? Does your urge to murder rise with every page reload? Thankfully, Drupal has a solution for you -- Integrate Form API and Javascript with AJAX and avoid long prison terms!

Large scale Drupal applications often require more complicated data entry involving relationships, views, and contextual fields. Just because the data is big and complex, doesn't mean your users should have to wade through long, poorly built forms to get content up. Drupal's form API gives you full control to customize user interfaces, and with the power of ajax, javascript, and HTML 5, you can give your users intuitive forms that change based on input and context.

Experience level: 
Development and Site Building