Drush: Drupal administration without the load times

It's becoming easier and easier to create and edit content in Drupal through the web interface. Administration, on the other hand, still seems to take forever.

If you want to clear your drupal cache, you must click 2 or 3 times and wait for the page to load each time. If you want to put the site in maintenance mode... wait, where was that checkbox again?

With Drush, these kind of tasks become quick and easy to do from the command line. No waiting while the whole page loads, just open a command prompt and with a few key strokes, you are done.

This talk is geared for beginner to intermediate users who either have never used drush, are just starting to use drush, or would like to see what cool things drush can do for them other than just clearing Drupal's cache.


  • Drush basics
    • Getting help
    • Deeper dive into topics
    • Basic uses
  • Module management
    • Downloading and installing modules
    • Updating modules as well as Drupal core
  • Other interesting management tasks
    • Setting variables
    • Connecting to the database
    • Installing a site
  • Drush aliases
    • Local aliases
    • Remote aliases
    • Extending aliases
  • Drush make
  • and more...
Experience level: 
Development and Site Building