Increasing the Business Value of Drupal Upgrades

Acquia Room (Class 103)

Rather than just doing a Drupal-to-Drupal conversion, build in long-desired features and functionality to justify the cost of a Drupal conversion.

It is very difficult for site owners to justify any Drupal upgrade… especially when the site is larger, working adequately and the price tag for a D6-to-D7 upgrade isn’t small. When the end result of the upgrade is a site that looks exactly the same, it's just hard to get anyone excited - clients or developers.

Instead of a traditional conversion, we have bundled conversions with major enhancements:

  • Removing/enhancing existing functionality
  • Cleansing content types and normalizing fields
  • Migrating by content type, enhancing the conversion process and assuring relevance
  • "Refreshing", i.e. rewriting, the theme, adding or enhancing responsiveness
  • Removing custom code in favor of new contributed modules
  • Moving to a more automated workflow that is closer to continuous integration

The new site appears refreshed to the user community, it has new functionality and the cruff is gone - a deliverable worth paying for.

Rick will share a case study of an actual client. (Perhaps he can actually get a client representative to co-present.) Rick will come with the story and the technical specifics, but the real value of this session will be questions and sharing.

Rick Nashleanas is a self-confessed "odd duck" in the Drupal community. With his experience at starting and growing technology companies, he looks at technology (and Drupal) with a very long view.

Rick founded and runs Monarch Digital in Colorado Springs and is exceptionally proud of his staff and the work that Monarch does in Drupal.

Rick has contributed many hours to the Drupal community through organizing DrupalCons, DrupalCamp Colorado and the Southern Colorado Drupal User Group.

Experience level: 
Business and Open Source