Managing Memberships in Drupal

This presentation will be a demo of the features from the new Membership Entity module.

Membership based organizations rely heavily on their website to attract and retain members. At Monarch Digital we have developed a number of complete membership solutions for organizations such as The Mercedes-Benz Club of America (, The Porsche Club of America (, and the Catalina 36 International Association ( Each of these projects required common features that were not easily available through existing Drupal contrib projects.

As a result of our work, we created the Membership Entity module with the following core features:
* Multiple unique user accounts per membership (eg. Primary and secondary members)
* A complete history of membership terms (for loyalty rewards programs)
* Integration with Views and Rules (for advanced reporting and custom event/actions)
* Integration with Commerce and Ubercart for paid memberships

Experience level: 
Development and Site Building