The SCSSy Wild West: Partial Organization for a Complete Site

Aten Room (Class 101)

"Where the hell is this style?" --- Any frontend-er anywhere.

What defines a good partial layout? How should I align my partials to the site? Will the structure of my partials make sense to a future developer onboarding onto the project? In a month, after being buried in other projects, can I quickly navigate my partials? Should I go back to one single stylesheet and use CTRL+F to find everything? Should I use the color module instead and roll a bartik subtheme?

These are questions that are commonly asked when dealing with partials. This talk looks to introduce a partial layout strategy for all scale of Drupal and non-drupal projects using a drupalistic hybrid of SMCSS, BEM and OOCSS . The talk will address the common pain points of SCSS partials and how to mitigate them. As well as, just show some fun mixins to help make life a little easier.

Experience level: 
Design and Front End