Solution architecture: designing a strategy for project success

Acquia Room (Class 103)

A solution is only as good as the implementation strategy that guides it. All projects are guided by strategy, whether one developer is creating one out of desperation or a good process for solution architecture is in place. In this session, we'll learn:

* How to look at a project's needs, requirements, challenges, and possible innovations and *see* a solution.
* Communicating it to others.
* What "just enough" architecture means and what is too little. (None is too little.)
* What are the primary areas to consider for each and every project? (Yes, I'm going to say testing.)
* The right balance of structure and flexibility that teams need while building solutions.
* How do you realign a project that is off the rails?
* The skills and tools that create better strategists and thus, better solutions.

This session is for everyone who must understand a problem and envision a solution. There will be war stories. There might be free candy.

Experience level: 
Business and Open Source