Understanding XHProf: Pinpointing Why Your Site is Slow and How to Fix it

Stop guessing about why your site isn't meeting performance goals. XHProf is the tool that can tell you precisely where time is spent generating a page so that you can focus on surgically targeted fixes rather than taking shots in the dark. But how should you navigate its complex UI and turn that pile of data into actionable recommendations to improve site performance?
This session demystifies XHProf with a mix of conceptual grounding and hands-on exploration.

This session will cover:

- What is XHProf and how is it different from other performance/scalability tools?
- Navigating XHProf's complex UI
- How to recognize common patterns when profiling Drupal applications
- Moving beyond common assumptions and misconceptions about performance and identifying and quantifying specific performance issues
- How to be your project's hero by generating a remediation plan that identifies which aspects of your application are slow, proposed remdiations and quantifies the performance gains you'll implement

Experience level: 
Development and Site Building