What you want, out-of-the-box: an introduction to Panopoly and Drupal distributions

When you first install Drupal, it's a blank slate - it doesn't really do anything yet. If you want a personal blog, company website, intranet portal or e-commerce store - you need to start installing modules and actually configuring your website into one of those things.

That's where Drupal distributions come in! A Drupal distribution is Drupal plus some modules, themes and configuration, so that when you first install it does something right out of the box.

From Drop to Tidal Wave: The Aegir Hosting System

The Aegir Hosting System is the only fully free and open source hosting system for Drupal. It allows you to manage anywhere from a few sites for a single organization, to thousands of sites across as many concurrent instances of Drupal, on as many servers, and for as many clients, as you need. Since it's all built on Drupal and Drush, it can be customized and extended using all the tools we're already familiar with.

The Absolute Beginners Guide to Views

When it comes to making a Drupal site really work, no module is more essential than Views.

In fact, Views is so critical to a Drupal site's success that it is being incorporated into Drupal 8.

In this practical, hands-on demo, Steve introduces Views and demonstrates ten different ways that it can be used on your site, from a simple blog page to a dynamic slideshow.

The target audience of the session is people who are absolute beginners when it comes to using Views.

Increasing the Business Value of Drupal Upgrades

Rather than just doing a Drupal-to-Drupal conversion, build in long-desired features and functionality to justify the cost of a Drupal conversion.

It is very difficult for site owners to justify any Drupal upgrade… especially when the site is larger, working adequately and the price tag for a D6-to-D7 upgrade isn’t small. When the end result of the upgrade is a site that looks exactly the same, it's just hard to get anyone excited - clients or developers.

Instead of a traditional conversion, we have bundled conversions with major enhancements:

Taming the Project, An Agile Approach

Managing projects can be confusing and chaotic. Waterfall can help you define a project up front, but there is no such thing as a fixed scope. This is especially true in the world of digital experiences. Cowboy and Extreme programming scares clients and leads to miscommunication.

It does not have to be this way. Project management starts from initial client contracting right through to delivery of a product and support of that project.