What is happening?!? Using Logstash to make sense of your environment.

Logs and statistics are key to helping us understand all of the ins and outs of our complex environments. Tailing through logs is a great way to fall asleep, but far from an effective way to determine the state of a given system. Logstash is a spectacular open source tool that in conjunction with a vast array of plug-ins, can be used to help you make sense of your environment. It enables you to extract the relevant data from your logs so that you can make sense of them.

Integration Testing with KitchenCI & Multiple Provisioners

Infrastructure as code is a staple of the DevOps movement. Often times, this leads to customized solutions that require additional development effort to manage. Testing code driven infrastructure has been difficult across organizations but there are tools that can help. In this session we will walk through concrete examples that illustrate how to test infrastructure using Rspec, Serverspec and KitchenCI. We will illustrate how this testing can tie directly into domain specific meta-data unique to your systems.

Catalyze your creativity

Can you have it all?

In an ideal world we would be able to get the things we want immediately, in perfect condition AND at just the right price (preferably free). Unfortunately the real world of business doesn’t work that way. We have to make some compromises and choose the project parameters we value most, while sacrificing others.

Git Rescued

As developers, we’ve all felt that pit in our stomach when we’ve realized that we just blew away hours of work. When you’re working on a large project, with multiple branches and multiple committers, trying to jump from branch and branch and integrate the most recent changes with your working tree can increase the incidence of disaster.

Luckily, git tries incredibly hard to help you dig yourself out of a hole. With commands like reflog, stash, rebase, etc, you can become a master at recovering lost work and managing your complex projects with ease.

Building A Scalable Private VMware Based Drupal Cloud

In 2013, University of Colorado Boulder Housing & Dining Services deployed a new virtual cluster built upon Apache, GlusterFS, Continuent Tungsten, and F5 LTM. Deploying a private cloud can be a complex process, but we hope our experience will help simply your deployment. This presentation is primarily targeted to groups already using VMware vCenter on a local environment or hosted service such as Rackspace managed virtualization.

The SCSSy Wild West: Partial Organization for a Complete Site

"Where the hell is this style?" --- Any frontend-er anywhere.

What defines a good partial layout? How should I align my partials to the site? Will the structure of my partials make sense to a future developer onboarding onto the project? In a month, after being buried in other projects, can I quickly navigate my partials? Should I go back to one single stylesheet and use CTRL+F to find everything? Should I use the color module instead and roll a bartik subtheme?

Proposal for a Standard Dev Process

How can a community/organization do Large Scale Drupal if there is no standard process in place for developing websites?

This session is proposing a community standard in the ways of development process from local to staging, from staging to QA and from QA to production.

The talk will briefly address the topics of Drupal install profiles, drush make, migrate, update hooks and automation tools and scripts. All of which when combined can help the building, deploying and running of Drupal site.

CXual Healing: Content Creators are people, too!

It is an unfortunate reality that Content Creators are often the last group considered when setting priorities for a site build. There are a number of reasons for this, such as politically-weighted stakeholder selection or fixed project budgets. Although Content Creators may not be the "target" user of a site, the reality is that they are the heaviest users of many sites, interacting with the software we build day in and day out. In this presentation, I will be sharing some of the approaches Bluespark uses to improve the lives of content creators and streamline workflows.

Intro to Frontend Ops

Frontend development is becoming more critical as web development matures. As we grow our need for backend-like workflow tools increase. During our day-to-day site development in Drupal we all have to do repetitive tasks. Let's take the pain out of the process and focus on our actual work by learning how to utilize modern frontend automation tools.