Backbone and Drupal

Backbone JS is a new way of handling and displaying data via Javascript, built around Models, Collections, and Views to build up complex interactions which don't necessarily require complex code. It's being used on more and more sites, and although it won't solve every problem, it's very good at helping front end developers with displaying, updating, and allowing users to interact with data without having to round-trip the user to the page.

Keeping It Simple: An Overview of Static Code Analysis

We all love clean, elegant code, but what defines clean and/or elegant objectively?

In this talk, I'll present concepts and practical application of static code analysis in PHP.

By the end of the talk, you should have a clear understanding of what overly complex code looks like, what tools are available to report the complexity of your code, and methods by which we can refactor overly complex code into something clean, something we can take pride in.

Extending Aegir

The Aegir Hosting System is the only fully free and open source hosting system for Drupal. It allows you to manage anywhere from a few sites for a single organization, to thousands of sites across as many concurrent instances of Drupal, on as many servers, and for as many clients, as you need. Since it's all built on Drupal and Drush, it can be customized and extended using all the tools we're already familiar with.

Footless Drupal

You may have heard of “Headless Drupal” recently. It’s the idea of using Drupal as a tool to organize and edit content (a "Content Management System", if you will), and using other systems (a dedicated web publishing framework, a mobile app, the proverbial internet-enabled toaster) to publish that content.