Development and Site Building

Drupal 8 Plugin Deep Dive

Drupal 8 has introduced a number of new (to Drupalists) technologies, but embedded in this mix are a handful of Drupal-centric innovations. Amongst the first of these to be introduced to Drupal 8 was the Plugin system. The Plugin system is a far reaching PHP Component that has largely replaced the old hook_info/alter pattern within Drupal and can be used outside of Drupal as well.

Collaborative Content Management with Migrate

As programmers we know to keep our code DRY and as Drupal developers we use tools like git to collaborate on a single codebase and easily track revisions. Keeping information in one place isn't just a best practice, it's fundamental to working on a team and knowing the current state of a project. When it comes time to be site builders, however, we sometimes lose track of these good practices and get overwhelmed with contradictory site maps, countless revisions of content docs, and scattered information about what actually goes into the content management systems we craft.

Bliss and Enlightment: Automated testing with Behat

Seldom in the english language do two words combine to express hope, optimism, enlightenment, joy, and bliss in quite the same way that the words Quality Assurance do.

No? That string of adjectives isn't what you think of when you think of quality assurance?

Come and gain enlightenment. See for yourself how using behat to create and run automated tests can lead your projects and development team into a state of complete and utter bliss.

Let's break in to Drupal: Security, from a hacker's perspective

Making Drupal secure is so boring. Let's talk about breaking into Drupal. This session will look at code and configuration vulnerabilities from the perspective of a hacker. We'll review common misconfigurations and several vulnerabilities in Drupal 7 from the past few years to see how an attacker could leverage them to break into a Drupal site.

What does that mean? It means we'll see each of these vulnerabilities at play:

Understanding XHProf: Pinpointing Why Your Site is Slow and How to Fix it

Stop guessing about why your site isn't meeting performance goals. XHProf is the tool that can tell you precisely where time is spent generating a page so that you can focus on surgically targeted fixes rather than taking shots in the dark. But how should you navigate its complex UI and turn that pile of data into actionable recommendations to improve site performance?
This session demystifies XHProf with a mix of conceptual grounding and hands-on exploration.

This session will cover:

Drupal 8 for Drupalistas

Are you a site builder, themer, or backend developer who is comfortable with Drupal 7 (or 6) and worried about gearing up for Drupal 8? Want a headstart? I'll show you how to dive into Drupal 8 and learn what you need to know.

This session is a synopsis of Amazee Lab's day long training which sold out at DrupalCon Austin and will be offered in Amsterdam. You'll learn what's changed, which areas to dive into, and how to prepare for building sites in D8.

Drupal 8 Module Development: Just the Basics

Drupal 8 is coming. And with it, change, lots and lots of change. While Drupal 7 will be the best option for the short-term, it is never too early to dive in to D8!

Getting accustom to the changes, improvements, and issues in Drupal 8 now will come in handy in the future as D8 takes over the majority of Drupal sites. In addition, early involvement opens many opportunities to contribute to contrib or even core!

Drupal Improv

Help us create a completely new Drupal site from scratch!

This presentation is for anyone who is brand new to Drupal. We will start with a short (5 min max!) presentation of where Drupal fits in the open source CMS world. Then we will build a new Drupal site with input from the audience. Will we build a news site? Video streaming service? The next facebook? You decide!